Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New 2013 Year!

Happy New 2013 Year! S Novym godom!

Just about me

I am a Russian born mountaineer. Mostly I have climbed in remote areas of Russia, now I am trying to reach the mountains of the world -)

At the age of 7 I have summited my first Peak in Winter - Greater Chimgan (3,309 m) of the Chatkal Mountain range (the Western Tian Shan) is located in the territory of the Ugam-Chatkal National Park, and it is in the Bostanlyk administrative district (Tashkent Province) Uzbekistan.  Since then mountains like Belukha, Mt Blanc,Tete Blanche,  Ben Nevis and many more have been keeping me busy.

My ambitions:
Technical routes, out-of-the-way peaks, exploratory climbing
On my To Do List:
Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan have always been drawing lots of my attention. I was born in Uzbekistan and have been spending lots of summers exploring Kazahstan’s, Uzbekistan’s and Kyrgyzstans mountains. I’ve been to Pakistan once but it was a very short trip. So I would like to go back and climb and look at mountains of my childhood.  I don’t have a specific mountain in mind, once in Pakistan or Kyrgyzstan I would like to climb an unclimbed peak.

Preference of how I will reach my summits?
I would like to mix and match. Would like to join some guided expeditions but mainly would like to lead or join non-guided expeditions.

What would be my dream mountain to climb and why?
I used to dream of the 7 summits, but now my goal is to summit unclimbed peaks.  I am not looking to climb a named mountain that other people would know just to name drop, but challenge myself to complete something no one has done before....although the 7 as a group is on my list.

Year 2013 to do list

Year 2013 to do list:
1.       Expedition Planning Seminar
2.       Scotland end of January
3.       BANFF festival in Leeds, February (
4.       Lots of climbing, running and cycling
5.       Eiger and Mattahorne in the summer
6.       Germany, Wales, Scotland and Russia in between

Year 2012 ....

Well I have to start with a smile as year 2012 has been most successful for me, why? Lets see...
1.       I have climbed the highest mount in my life yet. Story to follow!
2.       I have left my job and now moving closer to the hills so I can practice climbing and mountaineering all year around.
3.       I have made lots of new friends.
4.       I have found clear vision of my future life.

Expedition Planning Seminar

New year, new ambitions, new goals, new summits and much much more. On the 12th of January I am attending expedition planning seminar in Wales. Hoping to find extra help on planning my expedition to Pakistan.