Friday, 8 February 2013

Mixed Climbing @ Scotland, Glencoe

With winter quickly moving towards spring some mixed climbing in Scotland must be done.

 Scotland - with amazing views has been surprising me for the past 8 years. Relatively high peaks, with easy to  hard climbing grades will make a beginner or a professional climber very happy indeed.

Now a quick story about my recent climbing in Scotland.

 Weather wasn't great, ha as always! Me and my friend Paul McKenzie at the YHA been waiting for Adele Pennington.

A bit about Adele (my opinion, sorry Adele if you disagree), :
 I have met Adele in Wales January 2013 at the BMC Expedition planning seminar. Strong personality, great climber and just wonderful full of ambitions and life women!  To me she is my Hero.
 At the seminar Adele talked about her adventures in the Pakistan, Nepal, Norway and many other countries. Her speech was very inspiring I was closer to my High Peaks Dreams then ever before.
After seminar I have contacted Paul and we agreed to get in touch with Adele and do some climbing in Scotland together. Adele had free 3 days to spare and agreed to go climbing with us. OMG I was the happiest mountaineer in the world -).

...waiting for Adele at the YHA... tiny, climber build lady entered the room. It was Adele. We talked about weather conditions, routes and time frame of our climbing adventure. Agreed that in the morning we are going to stob coire nan lochan and going to climb Dorsal Arete, kind of warm up climb.
About 8 a.m. Milie(van) drove us to stob coire nan lochan and we began to walk.

 Last time I was their it nearly ended in disaster, as weather very quickly changed, me and Sarah could not see much of the way back. But common sense helped us to get back safely.

As we approaching our climb winds started to get faster. After quick lunch we started to climb. Oh dear that's when I have discovered how much I need to learn. List of need to learn was hmmm long... a bit embarrassing to write it all down so may be one day, but not today!

  Dorsal Arete was easy climb, with wonderful views of surrounding area.

  Adele was leading the last pitch, I was second, Paul third. I have started to climb final pitch, once at the top strong winds made me drop down to  my knees, oh my goodness that was a lot of fun!!!

We returned to the car park safely, Milie patiently was waiting for us. I would say that was a very successful climbing day.

I would like to thank Paul McKenzie and Adele Pennington for teaching me new useful climbing techniques and for their good company.

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